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 Massage is used all around the world as a way to both maintain your physical health and induce relaxation, especially important in today’s busy world. Our professional masseuses will alleviate your built-up stress levels and the tension held in your muscles.


We offer a range of different massages in our Leicester massage parlour in order to ensure you receive the treatment that addresses your individual needs. Our masseuses all hold relevant qualifications, so you can rest assured that your massage is 100% safe, leaving you feeling refreshed, energised and ready to face the world once more.



Our hot stone massage is both deeply detoxifying and profoundly relaxing. Hot stone massage (like the name suggests) combines massage with hot stones in order to stimulate and relax your circulatory system, leading to increased blood flow.



Our relaxing massage has been designed to help eliminate toxins from your body, whilst creating a state of deep relaxation and improving both your blood and lymphatic circulation. Due to the anti-stress properties, we recommend our relaxing massage to everyone, regardless of your age or sex.



We use natural blended oils and smooth flowing massage strokes to relieve tension with our Swedish massage. Swedish massage will improve your muscle tone, blood circulation and lymph flow, helping your body to rid itself of toxins and leaving you with a feeling of calm and well-being.



Relieve your deep-seated tension with our massage designed to target the deeper layers of muscle tissue for a feeling of complete invigoration. Regular deep tissue massage helps to target aches and pains.


For more information about our massages in Leicester or to book your appointment, call 07534 053 748 today.


Hot stone massage (60 min) - £30

Full body massage 60 minutes + facial treatment 30 minutes

       ( Juliette Armand or Eve Taylor products) - £35
Full body massage including face + head massage (75 min) - £30
Swedish massage (60 min) - £25
Deep tissue (60 min) - £25
Relaxing massage (60 min) - £25

25 minutes back neck and shoulder massage - £15  

Book your Leicester massage therapy online today, or call us directly on 07534 053 748 to discuss which massage would benefit your needs.